While most people have witnessed magic on television or on the big stage, very few have experienced magic up close and personal.  Our Strolling performance is perfect for providing casual, yet exciting, entertainment for your esteemed guests.   Alvin will start by engaging a small group, perhaps 2-5 people, and soon a crowd will gather.  As Alvin travels among the party, there will be laughter, there will be gasps, and there may be an expletive or two uttered.  Jaws will drop, minds will be blown, faces will be palmed and your guests will be talking about your event for years to come. 

Our Strolling performance is ideal for:

  • Events where your guests may arrive at different times.

  • Informal gatherings where people will be spread among rooms or floors.

  • Venues that do not offer a centralized "stage" or platform.

  • Cocktail hour, private parties, corporate events, hospitality suites, wedding receptions, restaurant openings, etc.

  • Hospitality Suites


An intimate evening of astonishment.  Our Parlor show features illusion, psychology, theater, and storytelling.  Alvin smoothly integrates audience participation throughout his unique show.  While paying homage to the classic principles of magic, Alvin's illusions are designed for the modern, sophisticated, and cerebral audience.  Your guests will partake in an interactive experience that will astonish their senses and shift their sense of reality. 

The run time for this show is between 30 to 60 minutes depending on the needs of the event.

Our Parlor performance is ideal for:

  • Formal gatherings where all of your guests are seated at a predetermined time.

  • Indoor venues that offer a centralized "stage" or platform.

  • A space that can provide adequate sitting for all guests.

  • Events with a minimum of 25 guests.

  • Post-dinner entertainment, corporate events, team building, hotel events, exclusive theater-style parties, etc.

* Lui Entertainment will work with the venue’s audio/visual team to determine the appropriate equipment based on the performance space. Download this diagram to view our recommended audience set-up for the most optimal show experience.